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Woodworking Class

Back in March, I mentioned that I would be starting a woodworking class in May. Well, that class is almost over, and I got something to show for it! The class I was taking was the Basic Woodworking class at the Eliot School . The Eliot School is located in a quaint old building in Jamaica Plain, and they offer all kinds of interesting hands-on classes, like woodworking, upholstery (!), sewing and drawing. Inspired by my bentwood chair makeover , I decided to sign up for a woodworking class. The project in the class was to make a box modeled on the Amish candle box. This type of box has a sliding lid and was originally meant to store candles away from bees. In class, we learned about different ways to saw wood, different kinds of wood, and how to use various cool power tools. We used a planer and a jointer to create smooth, parallel surfaces on a rough piece of lumber. We then used a chop saw to make some rough cuts in this six-foot-long piece of lumber. Between classes, we stacke