March 26, 2013

The Ultimate DIY Project

I wrote this post on January 14, 2013.

We just embarked on the biggest adventure of our life, and I am over the moon!

I can't believe it finally happened, but the proof is in the pee stick pudding. A week ago we found out that I'm pregnant!

I'm still a bit in disbelief because the journey to that little word was a bumpy one. People always tell you that getting pregnant is the fun part, and it certainly was in the beginning. But when all that fun was not resulting in a pregnancy, I began to worry that something was wrong. After several months of disappointment, I bought Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler (I highly recommend this book) and started learning about my body. And boy, did I learn a LOT.

Some things my body was doing right, and some it wasn't. I turned the conception process into a science experiment, me being the primary guinea pig. Every month, I tweaked a variable and noted observations. Every month, my hypotheses failed. Until now. This month, I threw scientific method to the wind and changed a whole bunch of variables at once. You could say that I was getting impatient. The details of this "experiment" are not fit to print on this blog, but if you are trying to conceive and would like to know what worked for us, feel free to email me and I will happily divulge all the TMI bits.

I don't know which one of the new things we tried this month made a difference, and I don't care. Something worked, and that's what matters!

I am hoping to document this pregnancy on the blog periodically, starting at the beginning. Here I am at four weeks:

4 weeks

I'm not showing yet (that's just folds in my shirt...), and don't have many symptoms yet. My biggest symptom so far is constant hunger. Oddly enough, I am mostly craving protein. Otherwise, I am feeling mostly normal, which results in a bit of a disconnect between the pee stick result and my mind. I keep wondering if there is really a baby growing in my belly. My first appointment is scheduled for eight weeks, so hopefully the ultrasound will show a tiny blob that will one day become our adorable baby.

I've written several pregnancy posts during the first trimester. My plan is to post them periodically over the next month or so, until I catch up to real time (right now, it's the beginning of the second trimester). Feel free to follow along or skip these posts if pregnancy is not your topic of interest. But it is part of the reason for the silence on the blog lately.