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Miracle (re)growth in the kitchen

I had read somewhere (probably on Pinterest) that if you chop up the green parts of spring onions, but leave the white parts intact, you can regrow the green parts simply by placing the remainder of the onions into some water and leaving them alone for some time. Someone even claimed that you can do this repeatedly! Needless to say, I was a bit skeptical about this miracle re-growth, but I decided to do a little science experiment anyway, just to test it out. After making a salad one day, I was left with the white parts of five spring onions. The onions came with their roots mostly chopped off, but some roots remained attached, which gave me hope. Here is the "before": Spring onions, before. I put the glass with the onions on the window sill that got the most sunshine during the day and left them alone for eight days. I didn't even bother changing the water. At first, there was no noticeable growth. But after a few days, some new green tips began to appear. It wa

Wedding To Do List Update

Despite the radio silence on the blog lately, we've actually made some progress on our wedding To Do list! Here is what it looks like now: Find and purchase D's attire Find and purchase D's ring Let everyone who is helping with the wedding know what we are expecting from them Have hair and makeup trial appointment Have engagement photos taken while we are still legitimately engaged Have a dry run for making bouquets (this one is a DIY effort) Make sure the bridal party has something to wear (this has been proving to be oddly difficult to check off the list) Make all the decorations (yeah, that's all on me) Figure out our ceremony and vows (almost done!) Make playlists for the cocktail hour, dinner, and dance party (work in progress) Order alcohol for the wedding Figure out where our guests are going to park (because our venue does not come with parking) Get marriage license (rather important!) Create a day-of schedule and panic after realizing how crazy

My Dream Home Office: Inspiration

Apartment Therapy had a great post today about being a compulsive re-decorator . Finally, I have a name for my affliction. Or, as I prefer to call it, a "hobby". I am constantly talking about rearranging the living room or re-decorating the second bedroom. It's as if I can't leave this apartment alone the way it is - something always needs to be tweaked just so! Luckily, D is one hundred percent OK with me moving furniture around, and he half jokes about the fact that I will most likely be rearranging our home for the rest of our lives. I don't disagree with that statement... We have lived in our apartment for almost two years, and I am still not satisfied with the state of our second bedroom. I will post photos one day, but suffice to say, it is a difficult space. Despite being a simple box of a room, it has its challenges. One wall has a door to the hallway. Another wall has a closet door. A third wall has a window in one corner and wall air conditioning unit