Look Ma, No Hands!

Ok, here we go. My first blog post.

Since I started this blog to keep track of my sprouting interests and potential hobbies, I think it makes sense to start off with a list of things that have been keeping me busy lately. Did I mention I love lists? Anyway, in the past year or so, I have dabbled in Photoshop, photography (with a fancy dSLR camera, no less), yoga, interior decorating (and re-decorating, apparently), organizing (closets, bookshelves, rooms, sometimes even my brain), furniture refinishing, and cooking. Ok well, I didn't just dabble in cooking, I actually cook. A girl's gotta eat, right? But I like to pretend that I'm getting better at it.

But to be perfectly honest, so far the only things I've actually kept up with are organizing, decorating, and to some extent, yoga. Organizing is easy - I love finding the right place for everything, so it's just something that I do all the time. I find a box full of random hardware fittings (true story), and I get the urge to organize, label, and prettify. Decorating, on the other hand, is quite challenging. It's not something I really grew up with or even thought about until recently. I'm your typical math and science chick, so my brain is wired for efficiency and straight-forwardness. But which colors go well together? Those neurons hadn't been put to much use before. But I'm trying. Because this apartment isn't going to decorate itself. Time to exercise that other half of the brain. Speaking of exercise, I've been trying to keep up with a yoga routine lately. If you can call going to class once a week a routine. The funny thing is that I feel so great after every yoga class, but I still have to motivate myself to get out of bed for that morning class. But, so far so good.

Still, there is a wooden shelf sitting in my closet, waiting for the weather to warm up so that I can paint it. And my fancy camera will be quite handy in taking quality (if crooked) pictures of my projects so I can share them on this blog. And Photoshop will be great for making you think I take awesome pictures.

And did I mention that I will be starting woodworking classes in May? I can't wait! Maybe I should make a list of my current hobbies so that I don't lose track. Did I mention I love making lists?


  1. sed -e s/Photohsop/Photoshop/

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts through this blog. It's on my reading list now!

  2. Oops, thanks for catching that. Photoshop has been fixed.

    Yay for being on your reading list!


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