Addicted to Pinterest

About a month ago, I discovered the most addictive awesome website for organizing ideas and inspiration, and I've been hooked on Pinterest ever since. For an organization-obsessed freak like me, this website is so perfect to keep all the random stuff I find all over the internet in one place. No more bookmarking on one computer, and being frustrated over not having the link on another computer. No more emailing myself links or saving them in a disorganized google doc. Those days are over, baby! (Yes, I am really that excited over Pinterest. Or it might be the massive amount of caffeine I ingested today. You decide.)

Anyway, the way Pinterest works is it allows you to create multiple "boards" to pin your ideas on. For example, you can have a board for interior decorating, a board for your favorite quotes, or a board for cute kitty pictures (no one will judge you). To "pin" something to your boards, you install a "Pin It" marklet in the bookmark section of your browser. Whenever you stumble upon something on any website that you want to find later, you just click that marklet and select the board you want to pin to. With a few exceptions (so far, I have found that this does not work for websites with Flash, or pictures posted on Facebook), this process is simple and easy to use.

I've been slow to ramp up my pinning frequency, but already I can see how useful this website is. I have a board called "For the Home", where I pin all the home decor related ideas. Already, I've discovered a trend: apparently, I tend to gravitate toward blue, green, purple, and white colors. I also like white furniture, and light and breezy decor in general. This was surprising to me because our apartment certainly does not feel light and breezy. We have lots of dark (and dark wood) furniture, and no white furniture at all! (Except for that chair I remade. More on that later.)

So how did this happen? And what can we do about it? Maybe it's time to paint those walls (yes, we rent, but we can always repaint before moving out, right?). And maybe we should actually put together our vision for the room BEFORE we buy anything next time. Lesson learned.

For the record, I was not paid or perked by Pinterest in any manner, I just think it's super-awesome.


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