So about those Mason jars...

Remember how I said I was letting go of the Mason jar? Yeah, that didn't exactly happen. But I did let go of the idea of a vintage Mason jar, or even a pretend-vintage version. I still liked the shape of the jar, and my inner bargain hunter was not prepared to declare defeat. So I drove over to Kmart and bought myself a pack of these:

Twelve 16 ounce Mason jars for under ten dollars. That's less than a dollar each! I don't think I could find a better deal even if I shopped at Good Will. Thanks to Kmart, and a little bit of compromising, I'm on my way to staying well below the venue decor budget. Score!


  1. Score ! And they will be super pretty, it is about the effect light does on glass.
    How big are they ?

  2. They are about 5 inches tall (roughly 12.5 cm). There was an option to buy bigger jars, but I thought these would be tall enough - I don't want the flowers to be so tall that they get in the way of conversation across the table.


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