My Home Office Reveal!

Remember how back in April, I put together a post on what my dream home office would look like? It was full of images with West Elm's Parsons Desk (in white, of course) and white chairs with interesting lines. Well, after months of acquiring and rearranging furniture, I present to you my home office:

My home office!

As you can see, I am finally a proud owner of the white West Elm Parsons desk! And I have Craigslist to thank for it. At $350, buying the desk new did not seem like a viable option to me, especially since we were planning our wedding at that time and had other major expenses to worry about. I found this desk on Craigslist back in May for $150, less than half the price, and bought it immediately. Sure, it's not in a perfect condition - there are some scratches in the veneer. But for this kind of bargain, I am willing to overlook the imperfections. Especially considering that my office looked like this before:

That four-year-old IKEA desk had served me well when I lived in a studio with a small nook that I used as an office. And, admittedly, it was well designed - I could even fit a printer and a trashcan into its tiny footprint. But the usable desk space was lacking. If I wanted to use a laptop and a notebook or a calendar at the same time, I had to get rid of my mouse. The folding chair (trashpicked, by the way) wasn't adding any comfort or charm to this space either. My lovely bentwood chair that I made over two years ago is much more inviting!

There is plenty of space for a laptop, a notebook, a table lamp, some framed art, a vase of flowers, and even the mandatory cup of tea. I love the clean look of the Parsons desk, but I must say that it's not nearly as functional as my old IKEA desk when it comes to storage. The two drawers are fairly shallow (I even have to store my stapler on its side for the drawers to close), and so I had to get a drawer unit (from Target) to add some more storage space. The box on top of the drawer unit contains all the cables and power cords, along with our modem and wireless router. The printer has been relocated to the TV stand (you can see a peak of it on the right edge of the photo), which I will not show you because it is an old IKEA piece of furniture that has not withstood the test of time very well.

I am so happy with the way my home office has turned out! If only the rest of the room would cooperate... but all in due time.

P.S. That ugly wall unit air conditioner is the bane of my existence. It came with the apartment, and I can't do anything about but pretend it does not exist.

P.P.S. I got to use my tripod for the first time for the "after" photos in the post! It was a birthday gift from D, and I could not have possibly taken those shots without a tripod, as this room does not get much natural sunlight. I had to use slow shutter speeds to capture the room, and the tripod was the only reason those photos are in focus.


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