Holy crap, we are home owners!

That's right, we finally did it!

After actively searching for a place to buy since the end of September, we finally found our humble abode that we are calling home. Everything happened rather quickly once we made the offer, and we were lucky to have found this place before our lease ran out at the end of this month.

We actually closed last week and moved in this past weekend. We are now living out of boxes and diving head first into all the aspects of home ownership (seriously, so many things have happened already, and we haven't even lived in our new place for a week).

More details to come on how we found our place, the crazy Boston area market, what it's like to move while five months pregnant (hint: I don't recommend it), and of course, photos! I made sure to take photos of our new place before we moved in while it was still empty, so that we would capture the true "before" look. Stay tuned!


  1. Oh congratulations! This is a huge deal! And yes, for us it was the same... after making an offer it went quite fast. So exciting. Eventhough I can imagine this was complicated at 5 months pregnant, on the positive side you have some time to prepare for the arrival of your baby girl.
    Looking forward to the photos!

    1. Thank you!

      We definitely took the pregnancy timeline into account. Basically, if we hadn't found this place when we did, we probably would have ended up renting for another year because moving in September would have been impossible for us.

      (To understand that statement, I should mention that the Boston area rental market is tied to the school year, and 90% of leases start on September 1st.)

  2. Oh wow, congrats!! That's exciting. And as much hassle as it must have been at 5 months pregnant, at least it wasn't 8 months pregnant! You'll have a good amount of time to get settled in. Can't wait to see the pictures.

    1. Thanks! Yeah, we probably wouldn't be moving at 8 months :) I'm definitely not worried about having enough time to settle in now that we have four months left (approximately...)


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