32 to 33 weeks - Forever pregnant

I hear that when women reach the middle of the third trimester, they either feel like their pregnancy is flying by or that it's dragging on. Turns out I'm in the latter camp, feeling like I will be forever pregnant. Time has slowed down to a crawl, and we are now impatiently awaiting the arrival of our daughter.

Not that we are at all ready for her arrival or anything. I have yet to wash her crib sheets, clothes, and blankets. We still don't have a changing pad. The car seat is not installed (at least, it's been purchased). The house is in a state of permanent disarray, with rooms covered in boxes. Of course, the hospital bag hasn't been packed. You get the picture.

I have to say, though, that aside from the occasional back ache, I've been feeling pretty good. I did notice the need to slow down overall. I walk slower, I can't lift objects I used to be able to handle easily (like shopping bags), and painting any other room is out of the question at this point. But otherwise, the third trimester is treating me fairly well so far.

Here I am at 32 weeks, with my huge and still growing belly:

32 weeks
Nothing like a good haircut to brighten up a pregnant woman's day. :)


  1. Love the hair cut and your outfit! I only have one pair of maternity jeans and wishing I'd bought more because I'm sick of dresses, but now it seems pointless to buy pants I'll only wear for three more months.

    Your disarray sounds like my disarray. Must be part of the process. I'm guessing that time is going to slow down for me too. But then, I've always been terrible at waiting.

    1. Thanks!

      Actually, my maternity wardrobe is very limited. I only have one pair of jeans, one pair of leggings (that I rarely wear), five tops in rotation, a couple of dresses, and a skirt (a recent acquisition - I also debated buying more clothes to wear for only a couple of months, but it's just been too hot to wear jeans all the time).

      I am SO bad at waiting! And so ready to be done with this pregnancy, even if the baby stuff is not all set up yet.

  2. Oh almost there, almost there :) I hope time goes faster, and I agree with Justme, those jeans look super good on you.
    I guess this is like the pressure before a final exam or project, where you get all the quality work done as the deadline approaches (and before that you are preparing but also just lala-ing because you are under the impression that you have all the time in the world).

    1. Thanks! And I like your analogy of cramming for a final exam - I am very familiar with that strategy. :)I am waiting for the nesting syndrome to kick in, but so far it hasn't happened.


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