The Jitters

Between the APW Internship and another secret thing I am applying for, I submitted five writing samples in the past three days. I was going to write a blog post yesterday (something about our venue search), but at that point I had consumed so much coffee that my brain was refusing to cooperate. I got the caffeine-induced jitters and proceeded to run around the house, flailing my arms around like a mad woman. The following conversation happened:

D: "What are you doing? Can you please act like an adult?"

A: "OK."   <arm flailing continues>

A: "You didn't say which species. I am an adult orangutan."

Good thing D was already sitting down because he almost fell over laughing. Clearly, blog posting wasn't going to happen last night.


  1. Oh you applied ! Good luck ;)
    Haha adult orangutan, yeah, I can be crazy like that.

  2. Thanks! Yeah, I did, along with 40 other people apparently (!) - the competition is going to be tough... But I know whoever Meg and Alyssa pick is going to be awesome, no doubt.


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