Guess what!

I have a writer's block. In case it wasn't obvious from the lack of posts over here. Partially this is due to the fact that something huge happened recently, and it's been occupying a large portion of my brain lately, but I haven't been able to talk or write about it, which of course is like trying not to think about the pink elephant. But now, it's out in the open, which brings me back to...

Guess what?!

D and I are engaged! Wooo hoooooo!!!!! And we are diving right into wedding planning, head first, very deep, and without training wheels. Not that anyone dives with training wheels, I just like to blend my expressions into one big metaphorical pile.

In preparation for wedding planning, I had to figure out what was the most important thing (to me) about this wedding thing. And with significant help from A Practical Wedding, I easily pinpointed the whole point of a wedding - regardless of the decorations, the length of the dress, the so-called "wedding colors," our wedding will be successful if D and I are married, to each other, at the end of it. That's it. Everything else is optional.

This attitude would probably make me the worst wedding planner ever, despite Google's recent suggestions that I should become one. Luckily, I only have to plan this one wedding, so this kind of attitude is allowed. Encouraged, in fact, because I think it puts all the other details in perspective. Not that I'm not going to stress out over those details anyway. Oh no, this type-A gal is likely to develop OCD over wedding details in the near future. But at the end, even if all the elaborate details fail to go according to plan, I won't feel like breaking down into a puddle of stressed out mush because we will still be married. So, yay for (relative) sanity.


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