Your dress is not a cake

Remember how I said that we are diving right into wedding planning already? Well, it turns out we had to slow down a bit because making decisions together is a much slower process than me making a decision on my own. So while we are trying to agree on the guest list, the budget, and the venue, I figured that I might as well start planning the one part of the wedding that I have complete control over - my wedding dress.

Although I don't have a specific kind of dress in mind yet, I do have some ideas on what I want and what works for my body. For starters, I would like a short wedding dress. As in above the knee but not shameless-hussy-type short. And this eliminates a whole lot of options. It seems like most wedding designers don't really consider a little white dress as a feasible wedding dress option. A reception dress? Sure! An engagement party dress? No problem! But no one actually gets MARRIED in a short dress, right? Grrr. Anyway, even taking all those "additional wedding dress" options into account, the selection is pretty dismal.

And for some reason, it's really difficult to find a short white wedding dress that does not look like a cake. You know what I'm talking about:

Exhibit A. Mmm, I'm getting hungry just by looking at it.
Exhibit B. Is that a cake or a bird?
Exhibit C. Not very yummy cake, but still quite poofy.
I'm sure some people would love to wear these dresses and would look quite good in them. But I would definitely look like a poofy cake. And that is not the look I am going for on my wedding day. Here is what I know would look good on me:
  • A sweetheart or a V neckline
  • A defined waist
  • A not-poofy and not very tight lower half of the dress (clearly, I am lacking vocabulary when it comes to dresses)
For example, I like the look of this dress:

Exhibit D. The hot horizontal dress.

It has the sweetheart neckline and a defined waist. And I actually do like the lace. Unfortunately, the skirt of the dress reminds me of curtains when the model is standing up, and I do not intend to spend the majority of my wedding horizontally.

I like this dress as well, I just wish it was a little longer and not as tight on the bottom. Also, the back is way too low-cut for my taste. Maybe the V-neck is a bit too deep, but I still like the idea of it.

Exhibit E. V-neck, defined waist, and lacy.
I've also started looking at white non-wedding dresses, but so far not much strikes my fancy. And so, the dress search continues...

All dresses were found on Pinterest. Those with sources for original websites are linked in the post.


  1. Hello ! I also spent a lot of time looking for a short summery dress for our civil wedding, and I fell in love with this one (Watters, model Cancun), but they only sell it in the USA and I do not know how pricey it is. All I know is I fell in love with the prettiness. It is lacy without looking like curtains, it is short, flowy, has a defined waist, is not puffy, and very cute.

  2. Hi Amanda! Thanks for the dress link - it is very pretty! It is actually very similar to another dress I had bookmarked, so it totally does seem like something I am looking for.

  3. :) Good luck and enjoy the dress hunting... it can be overwhelming but it can be fun as well. Check H&M and that sort of places too... you never know.


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