Happy International Women's Day!

Or, as the Arizona Senate put it, "Fuck you very much!"

(Oh, you thought this post might be about celebration and flowers? Sorry, no such luck.)

In its infinite wisdom, the Arizona Senate passed a bill (20 to 9) that allows doctors to not inform women (or parents) about a potential prenatal issue that could be life threatening to the woman or the fetus.

While I could attempt to write an adequate response to this insanity while my blood is boiling, Lucy Woodhull at Miss Worded said is best. Here is an excerpt:
Dear Illustrious Penises of Arizona,
You just passed a bill that allows doctors to intentionally withhold life-saving information from a woman because if she heard it, she might abort a fetus to save her own life or because of problems with the fetus itself.
Great job.  It is well-known that women cannot be trusted with decisions.  Much better to let a doctor decide to have her die to save that precious fetus that will also die.
Go read the rest of it here, and then spread the word. And by the way, at least nine other states have already passed similar bills. Welcome to America, land of the free(ish)!


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