Let's Panic About The Wedding!

Last night, I had my first wedding-related nightmare. Perhaps it's surprising that the nightmares started so late in the game. Or maybe they didn't start, and it was just a fluke? Here's hoping...

In my dream, it was the day of our wedding, and D and I were riding the subway in very casual clothes, going somewhere to pick up his sister. In the middle of the subway ride, I suddenly remembered that we were supposed to be getting married that day, and immediately started panicking.

A: Oh my god, we are supposed to be getting married today! How could we have forgotten???

D: It's fine, we didn't forget, we can still get married.

A: But we are not even close to being ready! We don't even have centerpieces!

Yeah... I panicked about not having centerpieces. Not about the fact that, you know, we are for some reason on the subway in sweatpants, when we are supposed to be getting ready and going to the venue. But the thing is, I know exactly why I'm having nightmares about the centerpieces. Even though I made a centerpiece plan back in January, I've only barely spent a couple of hours on them since then, and there is no end in sight. And working two jobs certainly makes finding "spare" time to work on the wedding a bit challenging.

According to The Kn*t, I still have about 55 things left on my to-do list. With less than 2.5 months left till the wedding, that's about one item per day! I guess I should just quit my job(s) and plan the wedding full time... But even ignoring the ridiculous never-ending WIC checklist, here are some wedding planning highlights that have the potential to induce further nightmares:

  • Find and purchase D's attire
  • Find and purchase D's ring
  • Make sure the bridal party has something to wear (this has been proving to be oddly difficult to check off the list)
  • Make all the decorations (yeah, that's all on me)
  • Have hair and makeup trial appointment (mercifully, this has finally been scheduled)
  • Figure out our ceremony and vows (almost forgot this one, ha!)
  • Make playlists for the cocktail hour, dinner, and dance party
  • Order alcohol for the wedding
  • Figure out where our guests are going to park (because our venue does not come with parking)
  • Get marriage license (rather important!)
  • Create a day-of schedule and panic after realizing how crazy it's going to be
  • Have a dry run for making bouquets (this one is a DIY effort)
  • Make a seating chart (actually, this is almost done because we badgered our guests into RSVP'ing super early)
  • Possibly have engagement photos taken while we are still legitimately engaged
  • Make wedding announcements (although I am getting dangerously close to slashing this one off the list, or just making a jpeg and emailing them out instead of having them printed and mailed)
  • Let everyone who is helping with the wedding know what we are expecting from them

That's it! That's only 16 things! I don't know what else The Kn*t wants from me, but I feel better already.

Edited to note: I forgot to mention that we need to figure out our first dance. That's not even on The Kn*t's checklist.


  1. Oh hang in there, and have fun :)
    I remember having nightmares of the paper lanterns being destroyed by rain overnight and making lists and lists and not sleeping. But it will be fine, you know that.
    Just enjoy the process, and when you feel overwhelmed, remember, that the important thing is you are getting married, and that you will. The joy will come too.

    1. Thanks, Amanda. I'm sure the wedding itself is going to be awesome and fun, I have no doubt about that. But I am really ready for the PLANNING part to be over!


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