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I have been doing a lot of thinking about centerpieces and my plan to DIY them. The thought of having to make about ten centerpieces AND four bouquets the day before the wedding was kind of giving me a mild panic attack. The idea of having non-floral centerpieces that could be made ahead of time was beginning to appeal to me more and more. As usual, I did lot of research on the blogosphere and added more ideas to my Pinterest wedding board than I know what to do with. Although all the different options were overwhelming, it was a good brainstorming exercise. And as a result, I now have a plan for our non-floral centerpieces!

Behold, the inspiration. I wanted to take those mason jars that I bought a while ago (on the cheap!) and wrap them in jute part of the way, with the same method I used to make the wine and beer bottle vases. Basically, they would look something like this:

Mason jars wrapped in jute. Found here.

Then, instead of flowers, I would make pom-poms (also known as yarn poofballs), using the tutorial found here. All I need is some yarn in different colors.

Pom-poms or yarn poofballs instead of flowers. Image from the tutorial linked above.

After making the pom-poms, I would attach them to some kind of stick that would function as a stem (maybe stem wire if it is stiff enough). I suspect that regular glue would work just as well as hot glue, but we will see if that is actually the case. Then, I would fill the bottom of the mason jars with pebbles and stick my pom-pom "flowers" in. Voila!

Paper flowers on a stick, with pebbles. How I wish I had Erlenmeyer flasks! From here.

Time to go shopping for supplies! I can't wait to try this out. To be honest, I have been enjoying the DIY aspect of wedding planning a bit too much lately, even though I have little previous DIY experience. Still, it's so much fun that I think I may have to continue the DIY madness even after the wedding is over.


  1. Oh wow, I love that last picture of the Erlen Meyer with the little mendel tag :) I think your centerpieces will look great, and I am happy you are enjoying the whole DIY experience. It does go on after the wedding, I find myself wanting to organize get togethers so I can use decoration tips here and there.
    I am not so crafty, and the thought of making the pom poms and decorating the jars would make *me* crazy, but on the other hand it is therapy in a way... to keep yourself busy when about to have a nervous breakdown or in stressful situations works miraculously.
    Are you sure sure sure you do not want natural flowers though? It would be easy to just buy whatever is available at the market the day before and just put some stems together a bit wildly and at random in your mason jars. Says a girl who has come to love fresh flowers very much, they just CHANGE a whole room.

    1. I love natural flowers, but honestly my sanity is a bit more important to me at this point. Plus, I know I'm a bit of a control freak so throwing stems together randomly would drive me crazy! :) And to be honest, the non-floral centerpieces are saving us some money, so there is that.

      The bouquets will still be made with natural flowers though. And I have a tentative plan to stick my bouquet into a mason jar after the ceremony, so it will double as floral decor for the reception!

  2. Of course your sanity goes first, and extra points for saving $$$ .
    I am sure it will all turn out great !

  3. ooo I like! That flower might look better with a taller vase, though. Maybe something like

    1. Thanks for the suggestion, Sarah. I am actually specifically going for the low profile centerpiece look, but I'm sure these flowers would look great in a tall vase as well.


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