Ukrainian Breakfast in Netherlands

Amanda of Poppies and Ice-cream had a lot of ricotta left over after a Christmas cooking adventure, and she reached out to the blogosphere for advice on what to do with all that ricotta. I immediately thought of a recipe for "syrnichki", delicious pancake-like things that I've enjoyed eating all my life. So I shared my grandmother's recipe with Amanda, and she tried it out! I was very impressed that she made the perfect syrnichki on the first time - it certainly took me many failed attempts to get the recipe just right.

Syrnichki made by Amanda. From her blog.

For illustrated step-by-step instructions, the origin of syrnichki, and for the original recipe, check out Amanda's blog.


  1. Hey thanks so much :) And now you are letting me take credit for YOUR grandma's recipe , oops...

    1. Credit given where credit is due! You got the recipe just right!


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