Wedding Invitation Inspiration

When it came time to design our wedding invitation (DIY, people!), I knew it would help to feast my eyes on lots of pretty pictures before I got started. So I scoured the internet and collected my favorite invitation designs. Take a look (and note that I was only interested in the design of the invitation, not its wording):

Black and white text color scheme, color added in the border and background, one simple image. From here.

Black and white text, color added in the background, flowers but not "flowery". From here.

Again, tight color scheme, a bit too "lovey-dovey" for me (literally!). From here.

Love the font (same one I used on the STDs), colorful text, white background, cool flower graphics. From here.

By YoungHouseLove (awesome people!). Simple, DIY, graphics represent their wedding colors. From here.

This one was my favorite design. Cool font, borderless, repeatable graphics (printer friendly!). From here.

Judging by the inspiration images I collected, it was obvious that I liked simple designs, with text dominating the invitation, and one or two simple graphics. As I discovered, printing borders on a home printer is a pain in the butt because inevitably, some of it gets cut off. So I knew I needed a design without borders and no graphics near the edges. For our invitation, I wanted to choose an image that was representative of D and I, which turned out to be a bit of a challenge, since we have such vastly different interests! (That's not entirely true. For example, we are both bookworms. But I really did not want to put books on the wedding invitation, lest our guests get confused and think they are being invited to a book club meetup.)

The truth is, last weekend, I finished designing our invitation! It has my favorite font, a tight color scheme, one image that represents us really well, and is printer-friendly. I already did a test print at home, and it looks great. Unfortunately, I can't post any pictures of our invitation because our guests haven't seen it yet! (I have yet to print and cut the invitations, and stuff, address, and mail the envelopes. I've got my work cut out for me!)


  1. thanks for including my yellow and gray modern invites! glad they could provide you with inspiration!

    1. Thanks for creating such inspiring designs!

  2. Unique wedding invitations. I so like it! Thumbs up for sharing this to us.


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