Explosive Save-the-Dates?

I had another topic in mind for tonight's post, but after a day like today, I have to write about what happened.

On Monday, I finally finished making the Save-the-Dates (also known as STDs). Last night, D and I addressed, stamped, and stuffed the envelopes, and our STDs were ready to be mailed off to our guests. I was so excited that I did a happy dance around the apartment. They were finally done! Our friends and family will finally get to see the fruit of our labor! Yay!

After spending half an hour standing in line at the post office yesterday to buy the stamps, I decided that it's not worth dropping our STDs off at the post office. USPS conveniently picks up mail from work every weekday, so I figured I would just drop them off today. And so around ten a.m., I did just that, with happy thoughts about finally getting these STDs out the door still floating around in my head.

At around 11:30 a.m., something exploded in one of the labs. And the entire building was evacuated. I was in lab at that time, so I just ran out in my lab coat, with no possessions on me. We saw smoke coming out of one side of the building while we waited around in the parking lot for the fire trucks to arrive. An hour later, we were told to go home, since no one would be allowed back into the building until the HazMat team (!) figured out what was going on. Luckily, D and I were able to carpool with a coworker who happened to have her car keys on her, but we went home without our keys, cars, wallets, or cell phones. We got lucky once again when our landlord turned out to be around to let us into our apartment.

And the entire time this was happening, I kept thinking about our STDs not getting mailed today. And worrying about their fate - what if they didn't survive the incident? There was no way I would redo all of them from scratch! (Clearly, my priorities have been affected by the wedding planning insanity.)

For the rest of this involuntary half-day off, I took the opportunity to catch up on the latest NCIS episodes. What can I say, this was my coping mechanism!

We will find out what happened with the STDs (and the building) tomorrow morning.

P.S. A post on how to DIY the STDs is coming soon (after our guests receive the Save-the-Dates).


  1. You've left us hanging on. I can't wait for the sequel!

  2. Update: the STDs have survived, and will hopefully be mailed today. Everyone is allowed back into the building now. We still don't know what exactly happened in the lab though.

  3. STDs are difficult to eradicate, for sure. In this case, though, I give it a yay!


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