Figuring out my taste

Three years ago, I moved in to my first solo apartment. It was a studio apartment, and I was in a rush to furnish it. The rush was mostly due to the fact that I was starting a new full-time job four days after I moved in, and I didn't think I'd have much time to furnish and decorate my place after I started working. That's because I was not familiar with the concept of decorating things slowly. This impatience gene I have is expressed quite dominantly...

Unfortunately, as it sometimes (often) happens when you try to decorate your place quickly, you end up buying the first thing that seems to work, without giving much thought about whether it will go with the rest of the furniture/decor, or whether you ACTUALLY like it. Sure, it will be functional, but will you want to look at it every day?

Most of the major pieces of furniture that I had bought during those four days have been sold or donated since then. I learned my lesson about figuring out what I like first, and thinking about the apartment as a whole, before making a purchase. Of course, this means that our living room is still not completely "finished", one year later (but it's mostly furnished, at least). So, the good thing is, I stopped wasting money on things I don't really like. The hard part now is figuring out what it is that I actually like!

Enter Pinterest. This useful website essentially lets you create inspiration boards, or collections, by putting together pictures you find on the internet. I have a board on Pinterest that is called "For the Home". So far, I've amassed 115 home decor photos that have inspired me. So, I decided to go analyze my board to help me figure out what I like. For instance, here are some examples of bedrooms that I have pinned.

Found here
Found here
Found here
Found here
What do all these bedrooms have in common? Well, for one, the color palette in all of them is very light. And I love it. There are some bursts of color here and there, which keeps things interesting. They all have curtains. There are many different fabrics present, which add layers of texture to the rooms and give them that cozy feeling. And the one single thing that all these rooms have in common that translates well to practical shopping is... they all have white bedding! So, the next time I consider buying a dark blue comforter, I will remember that actually, what I consistently like is white bedding. And then I will make a choice I can live with for a long time.


  1. Yeah, I am also addicted to pinterest. And we also thing long before we get any piece of furniture... and try to imagine it as a whole. I also have a board with inspiration of that kind.. you can tell I am crazy about colors !

  2. I love how colorful your pins are! That yellow closet looks familiar. :)


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