Wedding Dress Saga Concludes

In my search for the wedding dress, I tried on many dresses and looked at many, many more online. In the beginning, I considered some actual (though hardly traditional) wedding dresses. But once I realized that even short wedding dresses cost a small fortune, my search shifted to more affordable options. I knew that bridesmaid dresses come in almost any color, and they are generally within a more affordable price range. The problem (and I was aware of this from the beginning but pressed on anyway) is that in my opinion, bridesmaid dresses are designed to be unflattering. It seems that the wedding industry has designated the bride to be the star of the show wedding, at the expense of her closest friends, who are often forced to wear matching dresses in unflattering fit and color. I'm not saying that this is universally true, but that's what I have noticed often happens at weddings.

Still, I had to wear something to my wedding (although I did threaten to show up in a white bikini if I didn't find myself a dress), and so I decided to try on some bridesmaid dresses. After much research, I had my eyes set on this Audrey Hepburn number:

Found here
Unfortunately, when I tried it on, it didn't look so good on me. It doesn't help, of course, that bridal salons only carry certain sizes that are on the larger side because it is easier to pin someone into a too large dress than to squeeze them into a too small one. I get it, but it doesn't help when you are trying to visualize a dress on you while you are drowning in it. Anyway, I also tried on this dress, and liked it:

Found here
This dress looked good on me, and I hadn't even considered a one-shoulder option before. But there were a couple of issues. First of all, it appeared to not be available in white or ivory. And secondly, I didn't love it. I know, I know, the best is the enemy of the good. But I really, really wanted to be excited about my wedding dress. And this option just wasn't doing it for me. Though I'd gladly wear it to someone else's wedding. :)

I tried on many other dresses, none of which worked out at all. So back to the internet I went. I found some decent options, like these:

I was very excited to try this on, but couldn't find any salons that carried it. Found here.
Available in ivory. Found here.
Found here.
Found here.
By this time, I was beginning to feel like I was drowning in a sea of white. All of these dresses looked decent. None of them excited me. And the color white bored me to tears. I decided to take a break from the wedding dress search to regain my sanity. Of course, that was when I stumbled upon the dress that caused much controversy.

And guess what! I loved this dress! I was excited about it! And yesterday, I went ahead and bought it, thus concluding the wedding dress saga. The dress should be arriving to my house sometime this week, and then the search will really, finally, be officially over.

Pictures to come after the wedding!


  1. Oh so curious about it. I am glad you went for the dress you liked and made your heart jump . Exciting :)

  2. Thanks! The dress arrived today, and I was finally able to try it on in my size and the right color, and I love it! Now, on to the shoes... :)


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