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Now that the wedding dress has been purchased, I am moving on to other pretty (and less stressful) things - flowers! A florist wasn't in our budget, so I decided to DIY the flowers, hopefully with some help from my family (are you reading this, Mom?). The first step, of course, is to look for some inspiration. And what better place to do that than Pinterest?

I've started pinning photos of centerpieces and bouquets that appealed to me, in the hopes of finding some pattern and figuring out what I like. Here are some examples of centerpieces:

Found here. This one would work well with the colors we've picked out so far.
Found here. I like the cluster, various height bottles, simple flowers.
Found here. Another cluster, summery and loose.
Found here. Camelias in low glasses. Simple yet beautiful.
Found here. Very simple, but these orchids make quite a color statement.
Found here. Simple centerpiece in a blue mason jar. Small candles balance the arrangement.

I also found some lovely bouquets:

Found here. White anemones with navy blue centers.
Found here. Lovely shades of blue bouquet with delphiniums.
Found here. Daisy bouquet with pine fillers (could be exchanged for more summery greens).
Found here. Hyacinths are pretty, but could be quite... aromatic.

Here is one more photo, this one is for aisle decor:

Found here. Wild flowers in a mason jar.

Let's analyze the photos, shall we? What do they all have in common? Well, for one, all the centerpieces are simple. There are no elaborate arrangements. They are either low-height (like mason jars or low-ball glasses) or multi-height, with clusters of containers set at various levels. Apparently my color preference is all over the place - whites, pinks, reds, blues, greens, purples are all represented. I guess flowers are beautiful in all colors, so it's hard to go wrong! Makes my DIY idea easier already. The bouquets are simple as well, with a tight color palette in each one (white and navy blue; white and yellow; blue, white and green). In terms of colors, I particularly like the first centerpiece because it goes well with the colors we have picked out so far for the wedding. (Remember though, our "wedding colors" are rainbow, which just means that I refuse to pick a color scheme. So I can change my mind at any point!)

So, overall, when it comes to flowers, I like simple arrangements and all kinds of colors and flowers. I like low or mixed heights for centerpieces (so people could see each other when they talk across the table!) and tight color palettes for the bouquets. I'll try to keep all this in mind when it comes time to DIY the flowers. I'm pretty excited about that part!


  1. Oh I really like your inspiration. I am in love with glass jar, and if it is colored better. Add to that that light green and turqoisey blue are among my favorite hues...
    I definitely thing that flower in glass just look so pretty, you don't need to add more. We also went for a "wild, sylvester" look, and as for colors, well I wanted pink-peach and green to predominate but at the same time we kept open and just mixed things up so to have that " I just came back from the picking up flowers in the fields look".For the bouquets my favorite is the white anemones, though the one with delphinium is also nice. And I love the aisle decoration. What's best is that you can reuse all those glass bottles at home later, and give them to guests when it's all over. If it is any help the other day I saw at Ikea this really cute glass tea candle holders for very cheap, I think 12 for 0.99 Eur cents, that would be 1.50 USD or something I guess ?

  2. Ooh, I like the "I just came back from the picking up flowers in the fields look" idea! I think that sums up the photos in this post quite well, actually. The anemones bouquet is my favorite, too, but I'm trying not to get attached to any particular arrangement because I don't know what will be in season when our wedding rolls around. I'll have to check out those candle holders from Ikea. Our venue does not allow open flame, but maybe they can be used with something other than candles?

  3. Ummm, well since we are also looking for ideas for my little sis' wedding that's coming up next year, we were thinking of using them as confetti / rice holders you know, to give to people after the ceremony, not sure if you will be doing that or if it is allowed (in our case it wasn't), maybe in some kind of transparent bag. I guess you could use them for favors, I am thinking the classic candied almond m'ms or something of the sort.
    The other day I found this post and thought of you:

    And completely unrelated, I thought you would appreciate this one (found on pinterest) :


  4. That post with centerpieces is awesome - I already had some of those pictures on my Pinterest board.

    And that last link... hehe... that was also already on my boards, I love it! On a related note: http://boingboing.net/2011/08/03/a-comic-about-the-real-scientific-process.html#more-112037

  5. That delphinium bouquet made me swoon too. I ended up going with the wildflower look, and I loved it. I love all your inspiration photos!


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